Ion Mardare is the Founder of Mardare Real Estate Investments. He was born in Hîncesti, Moldova. Back in 2003 immigrated with his family to Portugal when he was only 15 years old and lived there for 11 years and obtained his portuguese citizenship. As he is very ambitious and curious, in 2014 was looking for new opportunities, a new country where he could explore and move if that was according to his preferences. He found an opportunity to immigrate to Saskatchewan, Canada to work in construction. He worked hard for the first 2 years in construction as he didn’t speak English very well, could not qualify for something better and in 2016 he realized that’s not the lifestyle he wanted for himself. He improved his English, and decided to invest in himself, reading books, going to seminars, watching videos of successful thought leaders and authors. First book he read was ‘’Rich Dad, Poor Dad’’ by Robert Kyiosaky and in that moment everything changed. He quickly took action, invested in a real estate investing program with a coach and he learned about how to invest in multi-family apartment buildings. As he’s not a fan of cold, when he obtained his Permanent residence status in Canada he moved to Vancouver, BC where he currently lives. Now he invests with capital partners in Real Estate projects both locally and on a global scale. Ion truly believes is very important to have the right mindset, integrity, good discipline and continuous personal development is the key to success. He strives each day for excellence, adding value to people and to the marketplace.